domingo, 27 de agosto de 2006

Marlango - Pequeño Vals

Would you mind if i just sit down here
And watch you dance that waltz?
It gives faith just to see
What two people can be
With a pattern
And a glass of bubbles

Who can tell if scent that i smell
Is the same for both of us?
Who can say if the colours i see
Are the same for you and me?

Your steps drawn the milkyway
I see stars glowing in your footsteps

Round and round
And a round building a milkyway for me

3 comentarios:

  1. Cabroncete mejor escribes en español ; ridiculo

  2. Tú, letrista de ese tema de Marlango?
    Pero qué callao te lo tenías, mamonaso!! Y que tenga que enterarme por terceros anónimos...

    Con razón es tu canción favorita para el desayuno...